Parent Council

Who We Are: Our mission is to support Gathering Waters and its teachers for the betterment of the children attending the School. To do this we have a three-fold mission of:
1) Providing a place for parent voices
2) A home for the school community that provides events and communications for families to connect to one another and the broader community
3) A place for school support- through volunteerism, fundraising, and faculty support

What we do: The Council comes together to solve problems, promote communications within the school community as a whole, discuss issues and to help where volunteer opportunities are best offered.

When We Meet: The CPC meetings are at 6:30 p.m. at the school on the second Thursday of every month and everyone in the school community is encouraged to attend as often as possible. Class Reps connect with parents after each meeting with updates, community events and volunteer opportunities. 

Offer the gift of your presence and participation.

Weave us into a strong, healthy community.